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FICS’ Real Time Access® allows tellers, call centers and borrowers to view mortgage data in real time within your core data processing system or home banking website.


Benefits to Tellers, Call Centers or Borrowers

  • View mortgage loan information in real time
  • View transactions history
  • Post payments in real time
  • Instantly view updated balances
  • Print updated receipts


Benefits to Members

  • Receive an updated receipt when making a mortgage payment to a teller
  • Instantly access mortgage loan information through an audio response system or online banking system
  • Make a payment through audio response or online banking


Benefits to Lenders

  • Save time and money by eliminating overnight batch processing
  • Lower call volume by giving up-to-the-minute accurate information
  • Mortgage loan information can be displayed in a format consistent with the core system


To learn more about how Real Time Access® can improve your bottom line, contact us today at 972.458.8583 or to schedule a free demo.

Additional Functionality:

Mortgage Servicer API
eStatus Connect
Mortgage Accountant


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