Life at FICS®

FICS' employees have been the heart and soul behind the company's success for over thirty years. They are the reason for FICS' reputation for quality, competitive products and caring, knowledgeable system support.  More than fifty-five percent of FICS' employees have been with the company for five years or longer, with thirty percent having been with the company over fifteen years.  

While FICS® requires structural hierarchy for organization and efficiency, every employee is integral to FICS' operation. Each brings a unique set of talents and values that have shaped FICS® into a well-respected and long-running competitor in the mortgage software industry.

-Dawn Gibbs, Chairman/CEO and Owner



FICS® employs individuals with a variety of knowledge, experience, and unique talents to handle its many job responsibilities.  

From product developers and hardware experts to business analysts and system support, successful FICS® technical employees understand varying degrees of programming skills, hardware and software, and mortgage industry regulations. 

Software developer positions include junior programmers, senior programmers, team leads, and managers who require experience in the Microsoft .NET stack, including C#, WPF, SQL and ASP.NET. 
Technical experts support FICS’ customers and employees with multiple Microsoft certifications (MCSE, MCP, MCITP).

Business analysts and system support positions require expertise in various fields of the mortgage industry and the FICS® applications for which they are responsible.  

Sales professionals support the United States from west to east coast with the aid of the marketing teams’ advertising, social media, and statistical analysis skills.  
The administrative personnel complete the remainder of the roster with administrative and executive assistants, accounting, human resource, legal, and internal control specialists.

FICS® oversight is managed by five vice presidents, three senior vice presidents, a president, and a chief executive officer.   




Several of FICS’ employees have worked here for 10 years or longer. Here’s what a few FICS® employees love about working here: 

Di'ana Jordan, Western Regional Sales Manager

Di'ana Jordan, Western Regional Sales Manager

"Why do I LOVE my job? First and foremost, it is the people!  Working with industry professionals allows for my continuing growth.  Because we are a family-owned company, we are small enough to get to know each other and benefit from the generosity of our company's owners' care. 
Our feature rich products are constantly being enhanced, making FICS a major player in the mortgage software industry. That's a major benefit, particularly because I'm in sales. I love coming to work each morning...and I am not a morning person.  I plan to retire from FICS. There is nowhere else I would rather be!"
Henry Loh, Programmer

Henry Loh, Programmer

"If I am required to describe one, and only one, outstanding aspect about FICS, it is the employees. 
As FICS is a small company composed of even smaller teams, all employees, including you, will make an impact.  So you know that whether you are working hard to deliver solutions to customers or celebrating victories, you will do it together."
Shalecia Callaway, Senior Vice President of System Support

Shalecia Callaway, Senior Vice President of System Support

"I have been with FICS for over 15 years, in large part because of the family-style atmosphere, opportunities for growth and advancement and new challenges daily.
We have many opportunities to grow and cross train in various areas.  There are many long-term employees who have succeeded in different roles. I started at FICS as a Loan Producer System Support instructor. If you work hard and excel, the sky is the limit. Finally, there is always a different challenge presented or problem that needs to be solved. Being part of a team that assists customers in whatever capacity they need is very rewarding and keeps your mind fresh!"  

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