Hosting Solutions

Where Should You House Your Data and FICS® Software? FICS® customers have options.


FICS® systems allow the flexibility to choose:



In-house solution (isolated on-premises server)

  • Gives you complete control over your data and software

  • Keeps security close to home

  • Allows you to build a solution that's tailored to your company's needs

Cloud Solution

  • Cloud hosting provider can perform system installation, updates and backups to eliminate or reduce IT staff

  • Cloud hosting eliminates the expense of computer upgrades

  • Allows remote access from any desktop computer or laptop anywhere you have internet access


FICS® customers have been happily using third-party hosting providers for 17 years.

Is a cloud solution right for your company?

Hosting providers presently used by our customers:


*United Solutions: Fiserv XP2 and Fiserv DataSafe only.
*Wescom Resource Group: Corelation's Keystone and Symitar Episys only.

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