Mortgage Accountant®provides automated accounting for the transfer of funds between clearing, custodial and company accounts as well as bank account reconciliations.

Mortgage Accountant® also produces a file for automatic general ledger posting and ACH distribution. Upload mortgage transactions into your general ledger system through a customized interface to ensure accuracy and reduce end-of-day processing.


Highlighted Features of Mortgage Accountant®:

  • Automatic accounting for funds movement between payment and disbursement clearing accounts
  • ACH file creation for funds movement
  • Automatic advance/recovery of P&I and T&I
  • Custom general ledger interface
  • Cash book balancing
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Comprehensive remittance program for Fannie Mae®, Freddie Mac®, Ginnie Mae®, Federal Home Loan Bank’s Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF) and Mortgage Purchase Program (MPP), as well as other investors


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