Software Consulting

Managers strive to increase productivity. FICS® mortgage software products are a great place to start.


To optimize the benefits from our software systems, you need to develop efficient workflow processes and provide quality staff training. This is where FICS® Software Consulting Services come into play. Our software consultants can help you:
  • Maximize Investment – We'll help you find the best way to utilize your FICS® software for optimal results.
  • Improve Efficiency – Our software consultants will teach your staff to use shortcuts and avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Increase Employee Confidence – Our software consultants will give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to use our software successfully and confidently
  • Enhance Customer Relations – We'll help you answer your customers' questions correctly, promptly and efficiently.
  • Make Sound Decisions – Our software consultants will give you the information you need to make the right decisions regarding loan origination or servicing issues.
  • Improve Interdepartmental Processes – We’ll educate you on the work flow and how it relates to the various positions or departments using the system.
  • Install and Begin Using Your FICS® Software – The knowledgeable FICS® technical team is available by phone should you need assistance. Once installation is complete, software consulting services can be scheduled at your office to help you use the software appropriately for your business. We can help your employees establish efficient work habits from the first time they log in.
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