Why Customer Service Is So Important To FICS®

Why Customer Service Is So Important To FICS®

Even in today’s digital world, where many people communicate via a touchscreen or voice command, providing excellent customer service continues to be a key component to a business’ long-term success. Most business owners and employees are aware of this, but not all live up to this high standard. 

Importance of Live Customer Service

Even as a technology company, we at FICS® understand the value of human interaction. During our business hours, our callers are greeted by the voice of a live person, who then transfers them to a customer service team member best suited to assist them. This eliminates customers having to go through a maze of different options and repeatedly pressing “0” before they are able to speak to a real person.

FICS customer service personnel have a genuine desire to help customers be successful at using FICS’ products. Not only are our representatives extensively trained on the proper usage of FICS’ systems, but most also have many years of experience in the mortgage banking industry to assist them in providing knowledgeable and understandable explanations. If a representative is unaware of the answer to a question, the representative will research the situation further and diligently work toward a solution, while maintaining communication with the customer throughout the process so that the customer is kept in the loop. FICS’ customer service policies require a customer inquiry to be acknowledged within two hours, whether it was received by phone or email. Any issues that cannot be resolved within a reasonable time frame are escalated to management. Time is of the essence, and when customers need assistance, they need it as quickly as possible.

Keeping Customers Updated

In addition to providing excellent customer service, FICS understands the importance of keeping customers informed of changes to our products. At FICS, we regularly make our customers aware of software updates via our client website, RSS feeds, and emails. We also offer a wide array of training classes and webinars to assist in keeping our customers up to date on the uses of each system. Finally, FICS listens to our customers’ feedback and incorporates it into our technology where ever applicable. After all, our customers know the mortgage industry and with their constant use of our systems, they hold valuable insights. Keeping customers in the loop allows them to prepare for any present or future changes, as well as create a relationship that is built on trust.

FICS believes that quality customer service is the most important step toward building a mutually beneficial relationship between our customers and our company. The strength in this relationship not only creates effective mortgage solutions, but is the reason for the success and longevity of this company.

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