Take Control of Your Servicing

Take Control of Your Servicing

Residential servicing requires industry knowledge, accuracy, efficiency, and a good rapport with and the trust of your borrowers. Some institutions outsource their servicing operations, while others want to be hands-on and keep servicing in-house. The right choice depends on your servicing goals and the desired relationship with your borrowers.

In-house Servicing Benefits Borrowers

Institutions that pride themselves on their service to their borrowers tremendously benefit from servicing their own loans. The most obvious benefit is the relationship and trust the institution’s staff develops with its customers or members. Unlike outsourcing to a third-party, in-house servicers are able to speak directly with their borrowers about their loans, thus building that all important trust factor. This is truly an asset when resolving a customer issue. In-house servicing provides your staff the ability to directly access the borrower’s account, as well as ensure that any resolution is in line with your institution’s policies. As we are well aware, quickly and accurately resolving customer issues in addition to being transparent often result in satisfied customers, and satisfied customers generally result in referrals and repeat business.

The other benefit that in-house servicing offers is control over your mortgage servicing software and database. With FICS®’ residential mortgage servicing software, Mortgage Servicer®, institutions have total control. Need to add a new user to your system?  No problem. The administrator for Mortgage Servicer may quickly and easily make these changes without having to put in a service ticket with the FICS staff. The same is true when it comes to managing software updates and releases. Your IT staff members can download a release and then decide when to install the update.   

Robust Customer Service

Mortgage Servicer software is easy to use. With a user interface designed for instinctive navigation and a menu loaded with comprehensive functionality, Mortgage Servicer is big on user experience and customer satisfaction. Mortgage servicing software solutions are personal to each institution and their success depends on many factors. However, if your institution decides it would like to have more personal interaction with its borrowers through the use of a robust and efficiently formulated servicing solution, perhaps investing in FICS’ residential mortgage servicing software, Mortgage Servicer, is the answer.


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