Stay on Track of Your Loans with My Work List

When it comes to being productive, one of the tried-and-true methods recommended is to keep a list. Lists keep you organized, on track, and aware of your workload so that you can manage your schedule more effectively. Even when using mortgage origination and servicing software, this method applies. FICS® incorporated this idea into our mortgage technology with “My Work List,” a tool to help you navigate your daily to-do lists quickly and efficiently.

My Work List allows users to query loans based on subsets of information like loan types, date ranges, and status, and save the results of the query to keep track of their loans while they work through them. Once completed, users can then refresh the list to display only the loans that still meet the search criteria, making it easier to see what work remains.

While our residential mortgage servicing software, commercial loan servicing software and loan origination software have their own unique version of My Work List built to fit the specific needs of their respective users, all three share similar features to keep consistency across platforms. For instance, in all three systems, users are able to export data and create reports in a variety of formats, making it easy to store and share information. Built on Microsoft®Windows® .NET framework, both Mortgage Servicer and Loan Producer have a My Work List that enables the users to set and save specific search criteria as templates. These saved templates are accessible upon opening the system, which increases efficiency and productivity by helping users to remain focused when tackling required tasks. This capability will be added to My Work List in Commercial Servicer once the system has been rewritten using the .Net framework, which is projected for release in 2017.

My Work List is a great way to manage your pipeline and stay on track with your daily tasks, large and small. 

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