FICS® Showcases its Innovative Mortgage Servicer® Software at the Corelation Client Conference

Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc. (FICS®) will participate in the Corelation Client Conference at The Westin-San Diego, San Diego, CA, May 17-18th, 2017. Corelation Inc. provides core processing systems for credit unions. FICS offers comprehensive mortgage software solutions for loan origination, residential servicing and commercial servicing. Working together, Corelation has programmed FICS’ Real Time Access® (RTA) into their core system to allow accessing mortgage information and posting payments a seamless process. The combined systems also produce a real-time branded look and feel across the vendor’s product portfolio.

Customers attending the conference will learn about FICS’ leading-edge Mortgage Servicer® software that automates mortgage servicing operations for credit unions, increasing productivity, loans serviced per employee and the bottom line.  Barry Malone, Senior Vice President-Sales, cites several compelling reasons for credit unions to use Mortgage Servicer: “Mortgage Servicer allows credit unions to enter the secondary market, selling loans to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHLB. By selling on the secondary market, credit unions can earn service fee income, retain 30-year loans and provide the exemplary service their members expect.

Retain your Customers

Mortgage Servicer software makes in-house servicing easy and efficient. In-house servicing can lead to more sales opportunities via more personal customer relationships. Credit unions may have multiple touch-points with borrowers who have multiple accounts (e.g., car or personal loans, checking or savings accounts or credit cards). A mortgage borrower will have frequent interaction with their mortgage servicing company for an extended period. This presents a key opportunity to cross-sell other products. Though, if a mortgage originator sells the loan and the servicing is transferred to a different institution, the originator may lose that borrower for future business. When it comes time to refinance, the borrower is likely to refinance with the lender currently servicing their mortgage. And if the servicing is outsourced and the borrower experiences issues, the loan originator is out of the picture and the borrower is more than likely to turn elsewhere for future financing needs. Customers appreciate having their loans serviced by their original lender. They won’t be forced to deal with a new, unfamiliar company.

Rainbow of Interfaces

FICS’ mortgage servicing software supports flexible, automated integrations with third-party systems and vendors. Mortgage Servicer comes with a wide variety of built-in interfaces to external systems, with FICS continually introducing new interfaces. Mortgage Servicer includes interfaces for print vendors, credit bureau agencies, real estate tax service companies, MI companies, general ledger systems, lockbox providers, agency investors (Fannie Mae®, Freddie Mac®, FHLB and Ginnie Mae®), bank and credit union core systems, custom report writing, forms generation, online banking systems, enterprise scheduling tools, data warehousing systems, core imaging systems, MERS, insurance tracking vendors, USDA/RHS, FHA, VA, HAMP, collections tools,  IRS and many more.  FICS’ very flexible API allows these interfaces to be scheduled and automated, increasing efficiency for servicing loans and giving servicing employees more time to focus on customer support.

Meet Our Fantastic Team

At this year’s conference, Barry Malone and Mary Crouch, Marketing Coordinator, will showcase FICS' innovative mortgage software solutions. The FICS team will feature their industry-leading mortgage loan servicing software, Mortgage Servicer, highlighting recent system updates. Visitors to the FICS booth #28 can enter a drawing for a portable JBL Pulse Speaker with Bluetooth capability, sensational sound, and an interactive light show.

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