FICS®' Next-Generation Commercial Servicer®- Development Update

FICS®' Next-Generation Commercial Servicer®- Development Update

The next-generation Commercial Servicer® software using Microsoft’s .NET Framework and Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) user interface is in development and progressing nicely.  Meetings have begun with the beta testers to educate them on what to expect during the testing phase and we anticipate making the new Commercial Servicer available for beta testing in the 2nd quarter of this year. 

Customers using FICS®’ next-generation Loan Producer® and Mortgage Servicer® software systems have been enjoying the architectural changes mirroring contemporary design standards and new user interface matching behaviors seen in commonly used applications today.  The FICS staff is excited for customers to use the new system.  At FICS’s 2017 users’ conference in April, workstations will be in the CS sessions so customers can experience first-hand the new .NET Commercial Servicer. 

Users will also learn how they can take automation to the next level with the new Commercial Servicer API that provides the ability to schedule processes within Commercial Servicer. Our Technical Services Department will also be reviewing how best to prepare for the implementation of the .NET version.

The next-generation Commercial Servicer  will be made available to customers after the live beta test period. For more information, please contact us at    

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