FICS®: Making a Difference in North Texas

FICS®: Making a Difference in North Texas

FICS® employees kicked off the new year by working together to pack food for hungry children, seniors and families in our community. The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a hunger relief organization that provides 190,000 meals per day—about 72 million meals in 2018—to hungry children, seniors and families. The NTFB relies on donations and volunteers to help them reach their goal of providing access to 92 million meals annually by 2025.

Twenty-three FICS® representatives (employees, friends and family) spent a few hours on a Saturday morning sorting six full pallets of canned goods and assembling 360 boxes of canned goods. FICS’ team handled a whopping 5400 pounds of food—enough to provide 4500 meals for food insecure individuals in our North Texas community!  

According to an FICS® vice president, who participated with her daughter, “Volunteering at NTFB gives our employees and their friends and family a chance to help their local communities, since the NTFB services food pantries and events all over the metroplex. It also promotes a sense of family, well-being, and teamwork—important components of FICS’ culture. I enjoy watching my daughter further develop her sense of empathy and compassion for those in need by being engaged with the community.” 

FICS’ web applications system support manager volunteers because it’s a “great way to help our community while interacting with my co-workers and friends. The NTFB t-shirt gives this definition of hunger:  1) a craving or urgent need for food and 2) what no one deserves to feel. Knowing someone is without food, that’s the reason I help!”

One of FICS’ system administrators, who participated with his son, values his “amazing” volunteer experiences at the NTFB: “Being able to take time out to serve and help others gives me a sense of responsibility and fulfillment. Sharing that experience with my friends and family just increases the joy I feel. I’m grateful for the opportunity to honor those in need.”

Many volunteers mention the sense of satisfaction they feel when they help others. Volunteering feels good! You too can make a difference in your community, while reaping the personal benefits. Visit for one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups in your community.

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