eStatus Web App

Online Mortgage Loan Information

Provide your borrowers and investors with the opportunity to view their mortgage loan information via your Website.

24/7 Online Customer Service

Partnering with FICS for the most comprehensive mortgage loan servicing solution in the industry gives you the tools necessary to provide elite customer service to your borrowers.


Auto Pay allows borrowers to make payments online.

  • One time or recurring draft
  • Automatic verification of routing and transit numbers

Borrowers have the ability to view:

  • Current loan balances
  • 24 payment history
  • Previous and current year-to-date totals
  • Payment due date
  • Online personalized message from servicer
  • Cross-selling messages that promote other services

Borrowers can update personal contact information quickly and easily.

Borrowers have the ability to easily request a payoff statement.

Servicers can send an automated email message to borrowers that encourages them to view statements and notices, such as Amortized Loan Statement, Change Notice Analysis, or T&I Disclosure on their eStatus website. (Radstar required)

Investors can view associated loan level data and investor reports. (Radstar required)

Radstar provides instant online access to borrower documents and statements and investor reports.


  • Secure – 128 bit SSL encryption.  VPN connection and Single Sign On are available at additional cost.
  • Low Cost – Low investment cost and user access fees.
  • Quick – Implement eStatus in a few short days.
  • Easy – Administration is simple.

Administration & Customization Tools

  • Customize log in requirements and security settings.
  • Lock out an account that logs in incorrectly after 3 consecutive attempts.
  • Choose which theme and graphics to display.
  • Design cross-selling boxes.
  • Control the payment options you offer your borrowers.
  • View registered loans.
  • View payments set up by borrowers.
  • Set up investor security.
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