Innovative Loan Servicing Software Features

 My Work List

The My Work List feature, designed by FICS, makes navigating through daily to do lists a cinch.  The My Work List feature allows users to query loans in Mortgage Servicer based on individually-selected criteria, open the resulting loans to perform a task, and then refresh the list to return only those loans that still meet the criteria. 

This enables a more efficient work environment for the user due to the ability to focus on only loans necessary for the task at hand.  My Work List is completely customizable for each user making it more efficient to perform individual job functions.


Radstar for Mortgage Servicer is an integrated document and report management system that saves time, space and money by electronically imaging and storing reports and documents.  No only does it electronically store all borrower correspondence and system generated reports, but you can also attach any external document such as a note, appraisal, tax bill, insurance policy or inspection documents for storage and retrieval at the loan level.  Retrieval is easy with a wide selection of search criteria within Mortgage Servicer.  Improve customer service by providing your borrower with electronically stored documents and statements online via eStatus.

Customized Correspondence

With the Wolters Kluwer I-32 Forms Design software integrated right into the Mortgage Servicer system, the creating of customized borrower letters, collection notices, or transfer of lien documents is easy.  Simply create the document right on the screen, then drag and drop the desired loan data into the appropriate area.  Once defined, users can print customized correspondence with a click of a button.  It's that easy.  or, if you prefer, use the Microsoft Word mail merge capability to directly access loan information from your database, and place it in correspondence to borrowers.

Report Bundles

Accentuate servicing efficiency and flexibility with the FICS Report Bundles feature.  Simply group your desired reports into bundles, and then select a specific bundle to print all of the associated reports.


For those times when a reminder is necessary, the memo feature is designed to give you the freedom to establish your own tickler file of pending loan events or due dates.  Simply point, click and fill in your information.  A window will automatically appear on the designated date to remind you or another staff member of the event.  Store reminders, collection notes, promises, or other ticklers about the loan, or log conversations with the borrower.  Date and time stamps automatically update when creating or modifying a memo.  Memos are accessible throughout the system, so you'll never again have to rely on Post-it Notes or your personal organizer.

Advanced Security Features

The security administrator has the ability to customize security to match your organization's needs.  Security can be controlled at the group or user level for added flexibility.  Give your users read/write, read-only, or restricted access to whatever windows and functions you choose.  Require users to change their passwords at predefined times.  You can also control which fields are to be included in the audit trail for a permanent record of data changes.

Maintenance History

Maintain a permanent life-of-loan transaction history on every loan, not only for your own review, but for your regulators as well.  A separate payment history, disbursement history, late change history, bankruptcy/foreclosure fee history, pre-petition payment history, returned check charge history, miscellaneous fee history, lost draft history, audit field history, and year-end history make it easy and convenient to review the activity on the loan.  In addition, correspondence records are maintained for all letters, notices, and analysis sent to the borrower.


Mortgage Servicer comes with a wide variety of built-in interfaces to external systems, with FICS building new interfaces on a continuous basis.  Examples of the numerous interfaces already existing in Mortgage Servicer include interfaces for coupon/statement vendors, credit bureau agencies, real estate tax service companies, taxing authorities, PMI companies, general ledgers, lockbox, ACH, investors such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, Federal Home Loan Bank, FHA, VA, Loan Electronic Reporting Interface (VALERI), Rural Housing Service EDI Loan Default Status, bank and credit union core systems, report writers, forms design programs, MERS, risk profilers, IRS, and on and on.

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