Escrow Administration

Mortgage Servicer users experience the highest level of escrow administration automation found in any servicing system.  Previously hard to automate odd due dates and unequal frequency due dates are easily accommodated in Mortgage Servicer.

Aggregate Escrow Analysis

Would you like to perform escrow analysis for an individual loan or a group of loans?  Mortgage Servicer takes care of both and conforms to applicable RESPA guidelines.  The system allows you to select your options for the collection and spread of shortages and deficiencies, while also producing checks for overages based on your RESPA compliant guidelines.  Initial, annual, and payoff disclosure statements can be printed as desired.  And when your borrowers call to inquire about their analysis, simply click and you'll have instant access to the most recent analysis right on the screen.  You can even access all previous years' analysis statements using Radstar.  Analyzing escrows has never been quicker.

Interest on Escrow

if you desire to pay interest on escrow, or if your state required it, Mortgage Servicer provides the tools to automate it.  Interest on escrow is calculated and added to the borrower's escrow account balances based on state specific rates and calculation methods.


Tracking escrow is easy with a wide variety of tax and insurance expiration reports and notices.  Items can be tracked using various methods such as insurance expiration or tax due date, as well as planned disbursement date.

Escrow Premium Updates

Updating tax bill and insurance premium amounts may be performed individually or in batches using the Batch Tax and Insurance Schedule program.

Escrow Disbursements

Escrow disbursements may be performed individually or in batches with disbursements aggregated by payees on the checks.  Simply choose the payees by name, enter the date range, and let the automatic disbursing begin.  Complying with limits set by taxing entities and insurance agencies is easy by specifying the number of disbursements on a check by payee.

Real Estate Tax Service Interfaces

Automate your tax payments even further using one of the many tax service interfaces embedded within the Mortgage Servicer system.

Mortgage Insurance

Import and export PMI renewal and disbursement data with insurance companies such as GE, MGIC, RMIC, and CMG.  FHA MIP renewals and disbursements are also automated.  Annual PMI notices with remind borrowers of the ability to cancel and terminate mortgage insurance are automatically generated with the click of a button.

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