Default Management

Mortgage Servicer offers a full menu of features to aid your users in the labor-intensive task of collection and risk management.

Loss Mitigation

Mortgage Servicer provides a loss mitigation module with the flexibility to calculate and generate as many loan modification or repayment plan options as necessary.  This enables you to work with your borrower to find the most appropriate workout to best meet their financial obligations.

Loan Stops

Unlimited loan stop and warning codes allow loans to be tagged for special processing.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Mortgage Servicer creates a credit bureau reporting file for exporting all desired loans' status to the credit repositories.

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Tracking

This feature tracks and reports the status of the loan through the foreclosure or bankruptcy process.  Funds disbursed or received can be recorded and categorized for claim filing.  Pre and post petition payment processing is also handled.

Agency and IRS Reporting

FHA claim processing, RHS EDI Loan Default Status (264), Fannie Mae default reporting, and Freddie Mac EDR (Electronic Default Reporting) processing add to the automation process. Year-end reporting produces 1099A’s for acquisition of abandonment of property and the 1099C’s for cancelation of debt.


Numerous built in delinquency and management reports help you keep a handle on your portfolio’s performance.

Loan Modifications/Short Sales/Deed-In-Lieu

Mortgage Servicer provides the flexibility to service loan modifications such as HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) and short sales or deed-in-lieu programs such as HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives).

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