Cost Savings and Servicing Efficiencies

Mortgage Servicer provides the most cost-effective, efficient mortgage software solution on the market today.  Our customers realize substantial savings through a lower investment in hardware and an increase in the average number of loans serviced per employee.  This enhanced productivity through our advanced technology translates into lower servicing costs and immediate cash savings.

When you automate with Mortgage Servicer, your cost is fixed and controllable.  A nominal monthly support and maintenance fee provides you with continuous system updates and support from industry knowledgeable and highly qualified customer support staff.

Real-Time Processing

There is no need to wait overnight for batch processes to have loan histories and other information updated.  Payments, disbursements, and all other transactions take place immediately, in real-time.

Paperless Servicing

We know you have better things to do than print and file daily and monthly reports so we've made it possible to go paperless with Mortgage Servicer, Radstar and eStatus.  The savings in time and labor expenses, printing, paper and storage costs all contribute to a higher level of efficiency and greater profitability.





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