Competitive Advantages

In your search for the best solutions to your company’s software needs, we at FICS believe that the answer lies in the competitive advantages possessed by the solution provider you choose. We have selectively chosen a market niche for our products and designed our systems to address the needs of that niche. In focusing our efforts in this manner, we believe that we can offer you a product unsurpassed for quality and value.

  • Immediate cash savings realized through a low initial investment, with additional savings derived from the low ongoing maintenance costs associated with FICS systems. Further savings are achieved by taking full advantage of the combination of Mortgage Servicer, Radstar, and eStatus to allow your servicing operation to go paperless, thereby eliminating operating expenses associated with printing, filing and storing paper files as well as mailing monthly statements.
  • Highly flexible products with additional tools being developed regularly ensure lasting benefits for a wide range of clients.
  • Elevated level of service to your customers is provided through extensive reporting and tracking capabilities in Mortgage Servicer, which strengthens your lender-borrower relationship and is enhanced via the web through eStatus by providing payment options and statements online.
  • Increased data integrity through system performed calculations and edits ensure consistency and uniformity that improve personnel productivity and accuracy.
  • Competent training and assistance from experienced FICS staff, helping to create valuable and efficient employees for our clients, capable of fully utilizing the FICS system and its benefits.
  • Integration of the FICS loan origination and servicing suites eliminates duplicate data entry and associated errors, creating cost savings and improving your bottom line.
  • Reliability of FICS systems created through the use of proven, tested technology.
  • Advanced technologies consistently researched and evaluated at FICS to leverage any available advantages while avoiding unnecessary expense.
  • Superior support provided by the well-trained FICS staff, both in customer service and technical support areas.
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements with timely updates to all FICS products.
  • Functionality of FICS products increases with each release ensuring our customers have the best tools to do the job.
  • Responsiveness. Prompt reaction to our customers’ needs is a quality FICS is proud to possess. From sales presentations to customer service calls to our annual Users’ Conference, we’ve listened to our customers, regulators, and the industry to ensure that we not only meet expectations, but exceed them.
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