Mortgage Servicer offers a full menu of features to aid your users in the labor-intensive task of collection and risk management.

Late Notices

Automatic reminder, late, past due, delinquent and outstanding fees notices keep borrowers informed of their late status and aids in the prevention of loans becoming delinquent.


Collection queues make the task of follow-up with borrowers a snap for collectors.  No more trying to remember which customers to call.  Collection windows provide access to all applicable borrower and loan level information, making it easy to communicate with your borrowers about the status of their loan.

Collection Notes and Follow Up

The memo feature gives the ability to log conversations, promises, and follow-up reminders.  You can send reminders or important memo information to a specific recipient or group of recipients, or just use the memo notification feature as your own scheduler.  System reports that include the information contained on the collection window and memos for that loan give your collectors everything they need to know.





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