Advanced Loan Servicing Technology

Mortgage Servicer provides complete automation and seamless dataflow for every facet of mortgage servicing from loading borrower and loan information, flexible automated payment processing, daily cash accounting, delinquency and collection management, escrow administration, ARM loan processing, to IRS year-end reporting, comprehensive investor reporting for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Federal Home Loan Bank and private investors automate investor accounting requirements.

Mortgage Servicer is a powerful system utilizing current and advanced technology.  For a complete list of operating systems, databases, and equipment currently supported by the system, review our Minimum System Requirements.  FICS is continuously upgrading Mortgage Servicer to take advantage of state of the art technology.  This application supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Anywhere Server, enabling easy access to your mortgage loan data by other ODBC compliant systems with just a "point and click."

Mortgage Servicer integrates completely with the FICS Loan Producer system, providing seamless dataflow by moving the loan throughout the two systems from prequalification to closing to servicing to payoff without complicated and time-consuming data re-entry.

Radstar, FICS' integrated digital imaging tool, is included to save space and money by electronically storing reports and documents created through Mortgage Servicer.  Users can also attach external documents to the loan for convenient in-house review or borrower online access through eStatus Connect.

eStatus Connect, FICS' web based online banking tool for mortgages, interfaces real time with the Mortgage Servicer database for quick and accurate answers to your borrowers' and investors' most common questions and gives borrowers the ability to make payments online. And with eStatus Connect's mobile application, your borrowers have even more options to access their loan information. Provide your customers with the service they deserve by linking eStatus Connect to your website.

Contact FICS today to learn how you too can experience the power, speed, ease-of-use, and flexibility of Mortgage Servicer.  Simplify your servicing operations and achieve the productivity and efficiency you expect!

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