Loan Payment Processing

Mortgage Servicer has made mortgage loan payment processing fast, easy and accurate!

Real-Time Payment Processing

When posting payments to loans, payment processors can choose a variety of payment application methods.  Real-time transaction processing features handle: 

  • Payment and transaction
  • Returned check charges
  • Late Charges
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Adjustments
  • Principal curtailments and disbursements
  • Loss drafts
  • Foreclosure fees
  • Bankruptcy fees
  • Charge offs
  • Miscellaneous insurance
  • Non cash payments
  • Pre & post petition bankruptcy payments
  • Daily interest payments
  • Unapplied or suspense funds
  • Option ARM payments
  • Interest only payments

Exception handling is a breeze.  The system validates each transaction amount and identifies discrepancies for quick resolution.  If you need to reverse a payment, simply highlight one or more payments for reversal, click "OK," and the payments are reversed.

Batch Payments

If you choose, you can process all of your payments in a single batch job.  Just enter each loan number, the amount on the check, and when you are finished, click on "OK."  Your payments will be posted right away so no more waiting for nightly processing.


The lockbox feature provides you with the ability to post payments automatically from the file created by your lockbox provider, following your pre-established policies for exception handling.

ACH Electronic Payment Withdrawals

Mortgage Servicer initiates automatic payment withdrawal for borrowers by creating a draft file in the NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) format.  This file may be submitted directly to the Federal Reserve or through a correspondent bank.

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