LPOnline Web App

Online Mortgage Loan Application

Provide your borrowers with the opportunity to easily apply for their mortgage and receive instant pre-approval and disclosures online via your Website.

24/7 Online Customer Service

Partnering with FICS for the most comprehensive loan origination solution in the LOS industry gives you control of the technology borrowers want so you can quickly increase market share.


Utilizing the back-end LOS as the database of record minimizes implementation and maintenance of the online loan application providing enormous time-savings benefits and ensures consistency throughout the loan origination process.

LPOnline gives lenders an additional option to provide a simple and quick loan application, providing just enough information to run it through an automated underwriting system.

A built in credit interface pulls credit behind the scenes to determine which loan plans to offer the borrower.

Custom lender-defined documents can be generated from Loan Producer and sent electronically to the borrowers through LPOnline to keep borrowers informed and educated.

Lenders have the ability to control the loan application process by choosing which sections to display, which fields to require, and which text to customize to provide borrowers with the information and explanation they need to best understand the application process.

Borrowers educate themselves by viewing lender-defined rates and FAQ's and by using helpful calculators to figure out what payment they can afford.

Superior 24/7 customer service is possible with the built in real-time status feature that tells your borrower the status of their loan application, what documents are outstanding, and what they can do to expedite the process.


  • Secure – 128 bit SSL encryption. VPN connection is available at additional cost.
  • Low Cost – Low initial startup cost and low application fees.
  • Quick – Implement LPOnline in a few short days.
  • Easy – Administration is simple and in the hands of the lender.

Administration & Customization Tools

  • Customize log in requirements.
  • Select which loan application and calculators display.
  • Design the loan application to your specific requirements.
  • Edit questions, header and page text, automatic pre-approval messages, and custom help.
  • View loan applications submitted by type and date range.
  • Set up user-defined referral sources.
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