Loan Accountant

Boost your productivity by adding on the optional Loan Accountant module. Loan Accountant provides automated movement of all your funds from individual HUD-1 line items to a disbursement clearing account. The movement of funds is recorded daily so that you have a complete history showing funds moving into and out of each account.

A detailed distribution definition tool allows you to move your funds virtually any way you desire based on your closing cost plan and specific HUD-1 line item. This can provide for an automated way to book fees to accounts receivable, to cover paid items, to accounts payable, to offset corresponding vendor invoices, or directly to income or expense accounts.

Loan Accountant keeps a detailed chart of accounts and provides the ability to upload the summary of those accounts to your general ledger system through a customized interface into your general ledger system, eliminating the need for any manual posting.

Numerous reports including trial balances, distribution and movement of funds, account activity, bank transfer and general ledger reports assist your accounting department with balancing and reconciliation.






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