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Loan Producer

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Loan Origination Software

Since 1983, FICS has been and remains a leader in the mortgage technology industry.  Loan Producer provides end-to-end residential loan origination, document preparation, processing, tracking, underwriting, closing, funding, secondary marketing and post closing automation.

FICS’ dependable and powerful production tools are user-friendly and quick-and-easy to implement and maintain.  With Loan Producer, users realize a significant reduction in errors and increases in productivity and income.  Frustrations of poorly performing, difficult-to-use, expensive solutions are a thing of the past.  With our mortgage origination software, technology is truly the tool that you can leverage to function effectively and profitably.

With today’s rapidly changing regulatory requirements, it is extremely important to select a loan software vendor that is dedicated to making quick and accurate updates to enable its customers to be compliant with industry regulations.  FICS’ client base has been, and continues to be, at the forefront when it comes to compliance.  Obtain the peace of mind you deserve and select a vendor whose goal is to ensure that our clients have the necessary tools and technology to be in compliance.

Whether you are a mortgage banker, credit union, bank or other lending institution, you can be confident that Loan Producer will adapt to the way you do business.  Lenders in all 50 states enjoy extremely high productivity utilizing the numerous automation tools built into our comprehensive mortgage origination software system.

FICS’ loan origination suite of loan software products includes advanced solutions for originating, processing, tracking, automated underwriting, electronic imaging, and custom report writing, as well as an optional business rules engine with the Rules OnDemand module.  The optional online mortgage loan application, LPOnline, provides borrowers with the opportunity to easily apply for their mortgage and receive instant pre-approval and disclosures online.  In addition, the suite includes an optional online portal, Xcluso, that allows loan officers to easily manage their pipelines and prospects, prequalify borrowers, run credit checks, as well as enter and export loan application data directly into Loan Producer, via remote access by laptop and/or tablet.

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