Mortgage Software for Credit Unions

FICS has been the #1 trusted mortgage technology partner for over three decades and we understand the need for expert solutions in mortgage lending for credit unions.  Current market conditions provide Credit Unions with an incredible opportunity to become the mortgage lender of choice for all those shopping for mortgage loans.  FICS' customers receive unsurpassed service and the peace of mind in knowing that FICS is constantly working to ensure that our programs reflect the most recent regulatory requirements.  Our unconditional devotion to our customers is what sets FICS apart from other technology vendors.

Top Reasons Credit Unions Select FICS' Mortgage Technology

  • Interfaces with most major credit union core vendors.
  • Comprehensive automation of escrow administration, ARM processing and investor accounting.
  • Ability to enter the secondary market and retain servicing rights, which enhances member relationships.
  • Offers both loan origination (LOS) and servicing systems from one vendor.

Core Vendor Interfaces

FICS understands it is imperative to maintain certain business relationships to meet the needs of our clients. We constantly strive to develop new relationships and improve our current ones as our clients' needs change. Below is a partial list of the core vendor system interfaces we currently have in place.

  • Corelation KeyStone*
  • D+H Ultradata
  • Fidelity Miser
  • Fiserv Advantage Platform
  • Fiserv CUnify*
  • Fiserv DataSafe*
  • Fiserv DNA
  • Fiserv Galaxy
  • Fiserv Portico
  • Fiserv Spectrum*
  • Fiserv XP2*
  • Fiserv CUBE
  • Fiserv Solutions
  • Fiserv OSI (Open Solutions)
  • ShareOne*
  • Symitar Episys*

*Indicates real-time interface available

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