FICS Enhances Performance for Mortgage Servicer

- Improved runtime of servicing system increases productivity for users -

DALLAS, June 26, 2007 – Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc. (FICS), a mortgage technology specialist that provides in-house residential origination and servicing technology and commercial servicing technology to the mortgage industry, announced that it has undergone an optimization of its residential mortgage loan servicing system, Mortgage Servicer, to improve the runtime of its system and allow for increased productivity by its users.

By increasing the performance of Mortgage Servicer, FICS is providing customers with a system that enables users to reduce the amount of time it takes to execute programs, especially larger batch programs, within the servicing solution. Routine tasks are completed quicker, results are analyzed sooner, loans are serviced more efficiently and reporting to borrowers and investors occurs more promptly. These improvements further ease the stress associated with today’s industry demands.

“As one of the top 25 residential servicers, processing time is of utmost concern for us,” said Nathan Sands, vice president, Loan Administration for Taylor Bean & Whitaker. “We need to ensure we are able to provide top-notch quick service to our borrowers. FICS’ live processes have always been a plus for us. The new optimization of the batch processes such as year-end, month-end, and escrow analysis have reduced run times by over 80 percent.”

“With the increased processing speed of Mortgage Servicer, we have experienced a much faster runtime with the system, especially with our investor close report,” said Kathy Bartley, director, Mortgage Servicing for CUC Mortgage Corporation. “Reducing the amount of time required to generate reports enables our staff to work more efficiently and better manage a growing portfolio of loans.”

“With the demands placed upon servicers by investors and government agencies, servicers need the most efficient systems possible,” said Dawn Gibbs, president and CEO of FICS. “Our customers will greatly benefit from the time and efficiency savings of Mortgage Servicer’s increased performance. This enhancement is an excellent example of how we continue to strive to ensure our customers are outfitted with the best tools to manage their business.”

About FICS

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc. (FICS), specializes in providing flexible, comprehensive residential and commercial technology solutions to the mortgage industry. FICS' systems are designed for Microsoft® Windows® with the most recent solutions using .NET framework that include a rich Windows® Presentation Foundation user interface and multi-tiered shareable services. The company also provides innovative document management and web-based capabilities into its full suite of products. Additional information about FICS is available via the company's website at

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