Xcluso® is an online portal that allows loan originators to easily track and manage prospects, input information into a Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), pull credit, convert prospects into borrowers, and order initial disclosures from your chosen MISMO® document services provider.

Xcluso® allows remote access via laptop and/or tablet and lets the loan originator proactively follow up with borrowers who have started an application but not yet submitted it, and even take over the application to assist the borrower in completing it. A contemporary graphical interface provides users with an organized and intuitive workflow. Xcluso® can create essential borrower communications, such as next-step instruction documents and approval/denial letters, and allows the loan originator to easily attached required documentation, like pay stubs, tax returns and gift letters to the application.



Check out the benefits to incorporating Xcluso®:

  • Email campaigns – Within minutes, loan originators can compose email campaigns to inform prospects of ideal loan programs based on their specific needs.
  • Quick and easy doc transfer – Take snapshots of a borrower’s supporting documentation, such as pay stubs, and securely attach the snapshot to the loan record in Xcluso for quick transmission to the home office.
  • Efficient pipeline management – Whether a loan originator is working from a laptop, iPad, or Android-based tablet, they can easily transfer loan application information directly into FICS’ Loan Producer®, providing the home office with immediate access to the loan data.
  • Administrative control – Admin users can quickly pull volume reports and see how often Xcluso® is being used, as well as how many times credit has been pulled.


Xcluso® has plenty of beneficial features, such as:

  • Use on iPad and Android-base tablets
  • Enhanced prospect tracking
  • Attach supporting docs to an application
  • Automatic export to FICS’ Loan Producer®



To learn more about how Xcluso® can improve your bottom line, contact us at 972.458.8583 or Info@FICS.com to schedule a free demo.

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