FICS® and Symitar®: Popular with Credit Unions of All Sizes

FICS® and Symitar®: Popular with Credit Unions of All Sizes

Barry Malone, Di’ana Jordan and Giselle Lovelace represented FICS® at the 2018 Symitar® Educational Conference in San Diego. With more than 1,000 Symitar® clients in attendance, including more than 180 FICS® clients, the FICS® team stayed busy catching up with our customers and meeting new industry professionals. (The vintage toy cars we gave away at our booth were a big hit, particularly the foreign exotics.) Although the educational conference didn’t have a specific theme, many of the vendors provided digital banking services. The vendors shared a common goal with FICS®—to improve credit unions’ member experience and allow for greater efficiencies in services provided by the credit unions’ employees.

Symitar® provides core processing systems for credit unions of all sizes. Symitar’s Episys® core platform is the most popular data processing system in the United States in all asset ranges over $50M. Nearly 40 percent of all U.S. credit unions with assets of $1B or greater use Episys®. FICS® is also popular with credit unions of all sizes. According to the ACUMA Pipeline Magazine Summer 2018 edition, 34 percent of credit unions with more than $1 Billion in assets and 38 percent of the Top 300 1st Mortgage Granting Credit Unions use FICS® software. Many of FICS’ credit union customers appreciate the value and convenience of the live, real time interface between Mortgage Servicer® and Episys® using FICS’ Real Time Access®.

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