Advanced Technology

SQL Database

Loan Producer is built to utilize very powerful ODBC SQL databases, Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase SQL Anywhere, giving you power, speed and easy accessibility to your data. Your loan data flows from pre-qualification to origination, to processing, to underwriting, to closing and secondary marketing all in one sophisticated SQL database.  


Radstar is an integrated document and report management system that saves time, space and money by electronically imaging and storing all your system generated documents and reports. Radstar can also store external documents such as credit reports, pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns, appraisals, surveys, title policies, tax bills, insurance statements, photos, etc. for easy and convenient retrieval. Improve internal efficiencies by creating a complete electronic file of the loan giving instant access to the loan file for any employee working on the loan. Eliminate inefficient policies of passing bulky printed loan files from originators to processors to underwriters to closers. Radstar also gives you the ability to share all the imaged documents with your borrowers and loan officers through LPOnline.  

Rules OnDemand - Business Logic (Optional Add-On Module)

Customized business logic is important to a dynamically changing environment such as the mortgage industry. FICS’ optional Rules OnDemand business rules engine provides customized logic to ensure quality control and regulatory compliance. In addition, business rules assists with loan product selection, loan eligibility, loan validation, custom underwriting conditions, PMI pricing, interest rate pricing, workflow and more. The automation of business rules and logic represents a measurable advantage for your staff. Employees can be confident in their ability to adhere to required guidelines for approvals, compliance, pricing, investor conformance, and general policies and procedures. Business logic is inherent to any organization that wants to stay at the forefront of the industry and the Rules OnDemand module provides your organization with the robust tools necessary to meet those demands.

Report Writer – SAP’s Crystal Reports

Loan Producer comes bundled with a wide array of reports but we realized, to make a system really flexible, we have to include and support a state-of-the-art report writer. We elected to incorporate the extremely comprehensive and widely used Crystal Reports report writer, enabling you to create any report you desire. Create simple queries or reports with mathematical equations and calculated columns. Output reports to a wide array of file formats, graphs, or even HTML to attach to your web site or intranet. SAP’s BusinessObjects™ Enterprise software makes distribution of your generated reports a snap.

Document Bundles

FICS provides two solutions for creating loan documents: Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ VMP® and FICS’ Document Services Interface.

The FICS document bundle system allows for quick and easy document creation. Set up just a few bundles, such as initial disclosures, processing, verifications, underwriting, closing, and secondary marketing, and then create logic conditions to determine when documents should or should not be included in the bundle when printed. With the click of an icon you can create an entire origination or closing document set and be assured that the appropriate documents are included.

Document Services Interface
FICS’ Document Services Interface enables you to order loan documents from any document service provider that offers a web service that complies with the Mortgage Industry Standards and Maintenance Organization (MISMO®) closing file specifications. Depending on the document service vendor, additional services may include ordering individual documents, document packages, compliance services, electronic disclosures, etc. This interface is vendor neutral.

LPOnline – Web Application (Optional Add-On Module)

LPOnline, FICS’ internet application for your borrowers, allows 24/7 online loan application capability, pre-approval, status updates and document review. LPOnline utilizes your back-end LOS Loan Producer database in a real time mode for quick and accurate updates of loan product and borrower status information.


To assist your employees with the workflow and movement of the loan through the appropriate process, it’s important to have automated tools. Loan Producer gives users the ability to set up status triggers that automatically update the status of the loan when an event occurs. For example, input an application date and the status changes automatically from “active” to “in process.” Input an interest rate locked date and the status updates itself to “locked.” Loan Plans and Closing Cost Plans can be pre-set to help employees become more efficient. The My Work List customizable, real-time query tool makes it easy to retrieve a set of loans that need follow-up work.


The memo feature, built into Loan Producer, provides a storage facility for all your important notes, conversation logs, reminders and follow-up activities. Memos are date, time, and user stamped when created, updated or resolved. Memos can be sent to other users to read either today or at a future designated date. Increase collaborations and knowledge sharing among employees. Categorize memos for easy retrieval and review. Every loan has a story and the memo feature provides the canvas for the story to be written.

Advanced Security Features

The security administrator has the ability to customize security to match your organization’s needs. Security can be controlled at the group or user level for added flexibility. Customize your levels of security by providing access rights as responsibilities dictate. Limit users’ access to whatever functions, or loans, you desire. A user’s access rights to a particular loan can be controlled to be read-only once a loan reaches a user-defined status range. Set up password constraints to match your company’s security policies. A complete audit trail for permanent record of change is also maintained in the system. Several built-in security reports let you easily monitor users’ access to the system.

User-Defined Fields and Screens

The Loan Producer database comes loaded with thousands of pre-defined fields. We realize that every lender is different and might require unique sets of information to track. With that in mind, we developed tools to enable our customers to create unlimited user-defined fields and to display them on customized screens and print them on user-defined documents. These user-defined fields are also available to the report writer.

MISMO Interfaces

Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization was formed to create quality standard interface specifications for the mortgage industry. Vendors who adopt the MISMO standards provide a standard mechanism to easily interface to fulfillment providers, doc prep companies, etc. FICS was an early adopter of MISMO and supports the standardization of interface files thereby reducing time and cost to interface with any of your preferred providers. The MISMO interfaces included with Loan Producer are Mortgage Insurance, Title Service, Property Valuation, Flood Zone Determination and Credit. Automatic Underwriting Systems (AUS) are also available, but are optional.

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